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Their Voice NZ Donation

"Their Voice NZ" is an animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming organization.
based around Greymouth and operating throughout the West Coast.
With a small team of people, and an amazing group of supporters "Their Voice NZ" is making a difference to small animals on the West Coast. 

They believe that every animal has the right to live their best lives, free of fear and suffering.

"Their Voice NZ" plays a large part in helping not just cats and dogs and other domestic animals. But the work they do with cats especially has an effect on the native wild life of New Zealand.

The West Coast is a beautiful area of forest and bush and the home of many native animals of New Zealand. It is also the home of many cats. Their Voice NZ are actively trapping, catching, and taking in cats from around the West Coast. These cats are not just checked for health, but are de-sexed, microchipped, and vaccinated, and then placed in a forever home. This is a large cost and your help can really make a difference
Work like this assists in ensuring that the cat population is not escalating on the West Coast and in turn harming our precious native animals.

Interested in learning more about "Their Voice NZ" and what they do jump to Facebook and you can see all the work they are doing. 

Help them in their ongoing work by adding a donation to your cart now. It will help a lot!!