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Bravecto Plus Med Cat 2.8 to 6.25kg

Extraordinary Flea and Tick Protection For Your Cat, Plus Worm Treatment.

Bravecto Plus helps you spend more quality time with your cat and less effort dealing with fleas and ticks. Fast acting, and with an extraordinarily long-lasting 3 month hassle free period between treatments, you and your cat can enjoy extended protection. Plus with Bravecto Plus your cat gets worming treatment in one spot-on treatment.


Bravecto Plus spot-on products are absorbed through your cat’s skin, drying quickly at the application site. They are available in three weight range packs, with a simple twist-n-use dispensing tube making it quick and easy to use. Please note the tube cap does not come off.

Bravecto Plus treats cats for roundworm and lungworm infections. Bravecto Plus is also registered as a treatment for ear mites.