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Hello From The Aroha Team

What We Do

We have exclusive pet food brands. We deliver pet food and products straight to your door and offer free delivery on all orders.We aim to provide excellent customer service.

We put your pet first. As a team of pet owners we understand the relationship that pet owners have with their beloved animals and we will only provide the best possible service to benefit both you and your pets.

Our principles…

We are an eco-friendly company and are committed to being as environmentally aware and up to date as possible.  In that regard, we do not supply a printed receipt with your order, however if you require one please do not hesitate to ask.

We are dedicated to providing awesome customer service, we believe the customer is always right and we want you to have the best online shopping experience possible.

We don’t agree with the expensive profits that some shops and other pet retailers make, so we will always offer you the lowest prices possible to ensure your pets can be well cared for at a cost you can afford.

We want to save you time so our website is easy to use and we offer a fast, efficient service.